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Careers in Conservation: Video Series Presented by the Global Conservation Corps

Careers in Conservation

Hosted by GCC Producer Mbhoni Mzamani, the goal of the series is to inspire young people about the numerous career possibilities available to them in the field of conservation, and also to introduce them to heroes and role models in their communities whose extraordinary career paths are truly inspiring.

“There are so many different careers in conservation. My job has been to share these careers with youngsters in the local communities and hopefully change their perspectives on wildlife and conservation, especially as I am someone they can relate to.” – Host Mbhoni Mzamani

“Voices of Nature”

Hosted by GCC Board Advisor Robert Ludke, “Voices of Nature” is a podcast dedicated to sharing the voices of innovative, passionate leaders committed to saving and protecting the world’s most threatened natural resources.

By creating this podcast, Global Conversation Corps not only wants to showcase the amazing work of people who have dedicated their lives to living and working in some of the most challenging places in the world but also to explore solutions that all of us can be part of in an effort to protect wildlife and the ecosystems that all of us depend on for healthy, prosperous lives.

50% of the world’s youth will be African by the turn of the century
out of 10 will not be able to find employment upon graduation
Only 5% the 2.7M people living on the Kruger border benefit from wildlife
out of 10 children have never seen a rhino in real life


From the Global Conservation Corps and Friendly Human comes, RHINO MAN, a feature-length documentary about the courageous field rangers who risk their lives every day to protect South Africa’s rhinos from being poached to extinction.

In the midst of the battle to save the rhinos, a great ranger trainer, Martin Mthembu, has fallen, leaving a void in the fight. His close friend, Ruben de Kock, continues to honor his legacy by training the next generation of rangers, while Sergeant Anton Mzimba holds the line against poachers out in the bush.

It’s a race to train and inspire the next generation to care for the rhinos and these wild spaces, before poachers wipe out one species after another. A story of deep loss and suffering overcome by love and sacrifice for the greater good.

Stories From Our Team Around the World

  • GCC Celebrates World Wildlife Day 2023

    World Wildlife Day 2023!

    World Wildlife Day 2023: What it Means to Us Hello from South Africa, Today, the 3rd March, marks World Wildlife Day 2023. It is recognized as an official United Nations International Day, dedicated to celebrating the world's wild animals, fauna, and flora and the vital contribution they make to humanity and the functioning [...]

  • Global Conservation Corps Newsletter: February 2023

    Honoring Anton’s Birthday July 26th, 2022 seems like an entire lifetime ago. This was the day we lost our dear friend Anton. At the time, it seemed impossible that anything good could come from such tragedy, from such loss. How could anything positive emerge? This February marked what should have been Anton’s 43rd birthday. [...]

  • How GCC Uses Social Media to Support Global Conservation

    How GCC Uses Social Media to Support Global Conservation

    Social Media Strategies for Non-Profits Hello, GCC Family! I’m Bea, and I’m the Marketing Associate for Global Conservation Corps. If you follow our social media accounts, you know me already! I’m in charge of creating GCC’s posts, following new connections, and responding to comments. Managing GCC’s social media presence has been such a [...]

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