Mourning our Fallen Family Member

Anton Mzimba

GCC is heartbroken to announce that Anton Mzimba, GCC Technical Director and friend, mentor and hero to everyone on our team, has passed away.

Pioneering Education Platforms
To Save Our Planet

Join the movement to educate and save our planet.
We envision a world where local communities and organizations are empowered to conserve through education.

Join us in implementing educational programs in your area.

A World Without

The majority of children growing up near nature reserves have never seen wildlife. They never get to experience the beauty on the other side of the fence, and they often grow into adults that cannot see the value in preserving wild spaces. If we want a world with wildlife, this must change now.

Bridging The Gap Between
Communities And Conservation.

of the world’s youth will be African by the turn of the century
will not be able to find employment upon graduation
people living next to the western border of Kruger NP, less than 5% benefit from wildlife
children have never seen a rhino


Global Conservation Corps works in areas of high conservation priority to identify passionate young people, nurture that passion on a weekly basis, and strengthen leadership and mentorship. Most importantly, we work with community partners to identify higher learning opportunities and jobs in conservation upon graduation, so the best-suited graduates are matched with the best job for them.

Ways To Get Involved

Rhinos, Elephants and many other iconic African species are being wiped out at an alarming rate. The Global Conservation Corps (GCC) has committed itself to investing in both people and wildlife to tackle the poaching crisis. Join the movement to educate and save the planet.

Conservation Partners

private donors and organizations cover our operational costs to ensure that 100% of your donation goes directly to our work in the field