Our Mission

The Global Conservation Corps is a non-profit organization bridging the gap between communities and wildlife.

Our Inspiration:
Martin’s Legacy

Martin (far right) was born in apartheid South Africa where he had no opportunities, no rights, and no future. He grew up in a rural part of the Underberg in Kwa-Zulu Natal. Martin’s father passed away when he was young, so as the oldest of his siblings, he needed to provide for his family. Martin became a soldier. He went and enlisted-it’s one of the few things a black male could do during that time. He joined the 111th Battalion, where he fought for a country that didn’t even recognize him as a complete citizen.

When Martin came out of the military, he took his skills and started training rangers. He got involved with the people on the ground, because he truly believed that the future of Africa’s wildlife belonged to the local people. He sensed that there had to be ownership and direct benefit for the people living in close proximity to wildlife.

In 2014, Martin tragically passed away. That was the impetus for starting the Global Conservation Corps. Our mission statement is conserving wildlife through the education, development, and training of people. Poaching is not a wildlife issue-it’s a human issue. It’s a symptom of a much bigger human condition that we find ourselves in.

Our Team

Matt Lindenberg
Matt LindenbergFounder / Executive Director
Expertise: Conservationist, public speaker and documentarian
Currently working on: Bringing on four high schools into the Future Rangers Program and completing RHINO MAN.
Favorite animal: Rhinos (of course!)
Ellie Milano
Ellie MilanoBoard President
Expertise: Conservation, animal welfare, strategy, facilitation
Currently working on: Building and rollout of GCC’s 3-year strategic plan and theory of change
Favorite animal: Polar bear
Anton Mzimba
Anton MzimbaTechnical Advisor
Name: Anton Mzimba
Expertise: Head of field ranger services at Timbavati Private Nature Reserve
GCC Position: Technical Advisor
Currently working on: Protecting the animals despite the challenges from COVID-19
Favorite animal: The zebra
Justin Walker
Justin WalkerCOO / Board Treasurer
Expertise: Film-making and business management with a specialty in non-profit
Currently working on: The Future Rangers program and making sure it is compliant from a data and privacy standpoint
Favorite animal: Bobwhite quail
Mbhoni Mzamani
Mbhoni MzamaniProducer
Expertise: Conservation career advisor
Most excited about: Working with experts in the field of conservation and people living in the local communities to promote careers in the sector.
Favorite animal: Elephants
Kate Vannelli
Kate VannelliBoard of Directors
Expertise: Conservationist and National Geographic Explorer
Currently working on: Testing the new GCC App as it is rolled out to partner schools working with the Future Rangers program
Favorite animal: Cheetah
Bea Asuncion
Bea AsuncionMarketing Associate
Expertise: Social media marketing
Favorite Animal: Aside from my dog, my favorite animal is the sloth.
Currently working on: I have been researching marketing in the non-profit space as it is totally different from marketing products and services for a corporation.
Michele Sofisti
Michele SofistiBoard of Directors
Expertise: Geologist, business leader, and consultant
Currently working on: Connecting people and building partnerships between GCC and the private sector
Favorite animal: My border collie called Neve, and the elephant
Robert Ludke
Robert LudkeAdvisor to the Board
Expertise: Advising policymakers and multinational companies on sustainability and environment, social and governance practices, author
Currently working on: Creating “Ecosystem Entrepreneurship” a 2-week curriculum in the Future Rangers program
Favorite animal: Jaguar – and I have been up close and personal with one!
Lefa Malapane
Lefa MalapaneFaciliator
Promise Mkhantshwa
Promise MkhantshwaFacilitator
John Jurko
John JurkoCreative Director
Josh Lumsden
Josh LumsdenBoard Member
Ernest Hlati
Ernest HlatiAdvisor to the Board
David Raper
David RaperAdvisor to the Board
Rebekah Wortman
Rebekah WortmanDigital Manager
Sophie Furley
Sophie FurleyChief Editor
Mindy Robinson
Mindy RobinsonDevelopment Director

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