GCC supporter, Zac Holben, participates in Brawl for a Cause.

GCC is a non-profit organization that aims to tackle wildlife conservation through education. Its projects are made possible by the generosity of people across the globe who share the same passion and have the desire to support the cause. Financial support is always welcome. However, more than monetary donations, GCC partners have supported GCC’s projects through different means, one of which is participating in Brawl for a Cause.

Like GCC, Brawl for a Cause is a non-profit organization that gives people the means to fight for what they believe in – literally. The movement provides training to everyday people to equip them to step into the boxing ring and brawl for their cause.

In February 2018, Zac Holben, a GCC friend, and supporter, signed up for a Brawl for a Cause event hosted at the Mercedez Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.

Holben has always had a fondness for the people and wildlife of Africa and partnered with GCC to support the organization’s Future Rangers program. The $5000 Holben raised enabled GCC to send over 300 children on game drives to see wildlife up close for the first time.

“I have seen these animals up close. I have met the people who protect them. I have experienced the majesty of these beings in their home. And if others can, then I can also fight their extinction. Help me ignite a spark in local children to see their heritage as something to be protected instead of butchered and sold as furniture. Help me fight for those who can’t fight and speak for those who can’t talk,” said Holben.

Holben fought against Ryan Cranford – an opponent fighting for Trinity Community Ministries. After three full rounds of grueling boxing, Zac showed dominance and resilience inside the ring. The bell rang and the GCC supporter was named champion through a unanimous decision.

“This takes guts, real guts,” said GCC’s Matt Lindenberg who fought for GCC in the same event back in 2016. “It is one thing to talk about changing the world, but it’s the next level when you’re willing to get knocked out for something you love. That is the kind of dedication, commitment, and perseverance you need to have to make a true difference these days. I couldn’t be prouder to call Zac my friend and conservation ally. Through this fight, he has changed over 300 young lives forever!”

It is thanks to people like Zac Holben – brave individuals willing to walk into the ring – that enables GCC to continue to move forward. This type of selflessness and heroism proves that any individual can make a difference in this world.

Everyone has something to give, everyone has a gift to be used towards a higher purpose, everyone has value in the mission to improve the world we live in.

GCC wishes to extend its sincere gratitude and thanks to Zac, his family, friends, and supporters who stood with him through this incredible journey as well as Brawl for a Cause – an organization that provides an avenue for regular people to champion for causes they believe in.

Holben’s fight wasn’t the first for GCC, and it surely won’t be the last.

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