Announcing the “Careers in Conservation” Video Series

GCC is thrilled to announce our new video series “Careers in Conservation,” that highlights local conservation professionals working in a variety of different careers in the wildlife economy. Filmed by GCC Lead Cinematographer Vusi Mathe and hosted by GCC Producer Mbhoni Mzamani, the goal of the series is to inspire young people about the numerous career possibilities available to them in the field of conservation, while introducing them to heroes and role models in their communities whose extraordinary career paths are truly inspiring.

Learn more about the series here!

GCC Announces Partnership with the Southern African Wildlife College

South African Wildlife College

We are so excited to announce the formalization of our newest partnership with the Southern African Wildlife College, a conservation-based applied learning institute based in South Africa in the greater Kruger National Park.

We recently sat down with SAWC’s Sboniso Phakathi to talk about the new partnership, how things have changed in the conservation space, and new approaches to learning that are essential for positive change.


Giving Nature More Time: Our Partnership with Tissot

GCC has a lot to thank Chris and Martha Spencer for. Their inaugural large-scale operational donation provided the launch pad GCC needed to attract additional partners and begin its journey into wildlife conservation through education. We chat with Chris Spencer about what touched, inspired, and interested him in GCC.


Beyond Tourism Incubator: Progress Update

Luc Hoffman Institute and WWF

GCC is currently launching a new social enterprise through the ‘Beyond Tourism Incubator Program’, hosted by the African Leadership University, the Luc Hoffman Institute and WWF. The goal of this accelerator program is to identify other avenues for conservation value generation beyond tourism, the need for which has been highlighted this past year by the emergence of COVID 19. Through this program, 15 winning teams will have assistance launching their ventures within the conservation space, as well as gaining traction from direct customers and presenting the venture to investors. GCC’s venture is called ‘Integrating Tech and Conservation Rewards to Support African Youth’. We are currently evaluating our idea, which is focused on using technology to increase access and benefits from conservation education within communities border Kruger National Park and beyond.

This accelerator program brings together experts in their fields to generate peer learning, networking and self-directed learning with the aid of mentors and masterclasses. Throughout the first two months, the first module encourages business-centric and entrepreneurial approaches to refining and validating our idea and targeted customers. With this venture, we are reflecting on the problem we are working to solve (more on that later!), the extent of the problem, and what is required to solve the problem.  

This accelerator program is vitally important for GCC’s new venture, as it brings to the table an entrepreneurial approach to solve a conservation issue. Conservation desperately needs more cross-sector collaboration, and this accelerator program is a vital first step towards facilitating that in a very tangible and applicable way. We are honored for this opportunity, and excited to see how far we can go with the help of the ‘Beyond Tourism Incubator Program’!