GCC Hosts Second Annual Careers in Conservation Expo

GCC Hosts Second Annual Careers in Conservation Expo

On October 27th, our South African team hosted the 2nd Annual Careers in Conservation Expo at Mahlale High School. 8 schools were invited totalling 450 students (Grades 9 and 11). In addition, delegates and speakers from Pretoria University (one of the top 5 universities in South Africa), the Department of Education, Timbavati Private Game Reserve, the Southern African Wildlife College and a number of NGOs and local businesses were in attendance. 

To say that this event was phenomenal is an understatement, and its success is entirely the result of the tireless and selfless work of our amazing SA team – Mbhoni, Promise and Lefa. Over the last few months, the team has been working behind the scenes to bring this massive event together, giving our Future Rangers students and future graduates the chance to learn about opportunities for future careers and continuing education in the conservation ecosystem. From securing sponsorship partnerships to finding food partners, running logistics and transportation for all of the students, and ensuring this event was beneficial to our community and our students, nothing was overlooked (including Promise, Lefa, and Lefa’s entire family waking up at 3am to cook food for 500 people!).

Standing behind a few of the educational tents and observing the level of questions that learners were asking conservation professionals, it was clear that the tireless efforts of our education team is having a massive impact on the students we engage with. Although 450 students together can be a rowdy affair anywhere, you couldn’t hear a pin drop when role models were talking about how they succeeded in their careers. The joy, excitement, and hope in the student’s eyes when they saw a real path to a bright future is hard to put into words. 

As we emerge from losing one of our dearest and most inspiring change-makers on the team, a transformative gathering of this magnitude brings hope and optimism back into the fold. Anton is smiling from above. Promise, Mbhoni, and Lefa, this was made possible because of you leading from the front and using  your gifts, talents and abilities to create a better world for many. 

GCC Presents at the UFW North America Chapter Launch in New York City

Following GCC’s presentation at the United for Wildlife (UfW) Summit in London, Matt Lindenberg and John Jurko were invited to speak at the United for Wildlife (UfW) Summit in New York to celebrate the official opening of UfW’s North American Chapter. The United for Wildlife Summit is hosted by Prince William, and brings together global leaders from the Transportation and Financial sectors as well as law enforcement and conservation agencies to discuss mitigation strategies on the illegal wildlife trade, which is an estimated $20 billion industry.

John presented about his journey filming RHINO MAN the Movie, the importance of rangers, and Anton’s vision for both protecting today’s wildlife resources while also raising the next generation of wildlife defenders. Matt spoke about GCC’s vision and the Future Rangers Program, both inspired by Anton. The GCC team, which also included Mindy Robinson, Justin Walker, and David Raper, spent the week in New York discussing wildlife crime and the most serious threats facing wildlife, as well as attending meetings with potential partners and forging connections with conservation-driven organizations.

From New York, Matt and Mindy traveled to Washington D.C. to meet with potential partners, donors, and more. To say that we have had a busy few months is an understatement, but we are incredibly grateful to the Prince of Wales and United for Wildlife for giving us the opportunity to share Anton’s story and expand his vision for fostering a love of wildlife in youth around the world. We were beyond honored to have the support of someone who has a genuine heart for conservation and our work, who uses his platform to speak out against injustice. Thank you to your unwavering support as we spread our message around the world!

GCC Presents at the UFW North America Chapter Launch in New York City
GCC Presents at the UFW North America Chapter Launch in New York City

The Rhino Man Podcast

After a short hiatus, The Rhino Man Podcast is back! 

Episode 27 features Olivia Swaak-Goldman, Executive Director of the Wildlife Justice Commission. In this discussion, she and John explore the findings of their recently released 111 page Rhino Horn Trafficking Global Threat Assessment. 

In Episode 28, Damien Mander of the International Anti-Poaching Foundation recounts his journey that led him from the Australian Special Forces to becoming a ranger trainer and eventually to the creation of IAPF and the Akashinga all-female anti-poaching team.

This is just the beginning! More episodes are coming soon featuring Nick Ahlers of TRAFFIC and Charlie Mayhew MBE of Tusk. New episodes of the “Voices of Nature” podcast are also coming in December!

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In This Season, We are Thankful for YOU

As we reflect back on things we are thankful for this year, YOU are among those!

Thank you for your support and walking alongside us through a year filled with some of our highest highs and some of our lowest lows. We are incredibly grateful for you and all that you have done for GCC. We truly cannot do what we do without your support. Thank you for your generosity throughout this year.

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