GCC Celebrates World Rhino Day with Mahlekisana Primary School

To commemorate World Rhino Day 2021, GCC and it’s conservation partners visited Mahlekisana Primary School to educate students and help them celebrate these beautiful creatures. GCC collaborated with the French clothing company, Coq en Pâte, who donated over 500 items from their Black Rhino clothing line, including t-shirts, backpacks, pencil cases and GCC patches. A number of different activities took place including lots of smiling and dancing. Check out the video to view the day!

GCC and Hoedspruit Reptile Centre Visit Salani Primary School

How do you feel about snakes?! Recently, GCC partnered with the Hoedspruit Reptile Centre and their SECAP program to educate and inspire local youth about reptiles. Many youth and local community members express a huge amount of fear and superstition towards snakes, which often results in lethal snake bites and many snake fatalities. So on the 23th September, our partners brought live snakes to Salani Primary School to measure and improve the perceptions of reptiles. We deployed our mobile digital classroom to measure the impact of the day (results coming soon), conducted theoretical lessons, and even allowed youth to get photos with a python. Be sure to watch the recap video!

GCC Donors Chris and Martha Spencer Attend Elephant Collaring with Elephants Alive

At the end of August, GCC’s long-time friends and supporters Chris and Martha Spencer traveled to South Africa to visit the GCC team. Over the course of 6 days, they were hosted by Mbhoni and Matt and had the opportunity to visit several of our partners and see our programs in action. By far, the biggest highlight was the opportunity to collaborate with Elephants Alive. Chris and Martha sponsored the collaring of an elephant bull, and we spent an incredible morning in the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve tracking down an elephant, working with the Elephants Alive and vet teams to immobilize the bull, and then fitting him with a GPS collar. Mbhoni used this opportunity to film and narrate a Xitsonga explainer video about the operation, which will be shown to our students bordering the Kruger Park. We named the bull Spencer, in honor of our special friends who made this day possible. Another memorable moment with Chris and Martha was meeting the rangers of the Timbavati and learning about their incredible work in protecting endangered wildlife. We’re truly grateful and blessed to have had Chris and Martha visit, and we can’t wait for the next adventure together! Hopefully we’ll be able to track Spencer down and check up on him!

“Voices of Nature” Podcast: Wai-Ming Wong: A Journey into the World of Small Cats

Voices of Nature Podcast Ep 17: Wai-Ming Wong: A Journey into the World of Small Cats

In this new episode of the “Voices of Nature” podcast, we talk with Wai-Ming Wong, the director of the Small Cats Program at Panthera.

There are 40 recognized species of wild cats in the world. While most people are familiar with the big and medium-sized species – such as lions and tigers – very few can name the 33 smaller cats. Panthera’s Small Cats Program is focused on bringing the increasingly threatened small cat species to the world’s attention and enact science-based conservation action on their behalf.

Ming is a conservation biologist by training and his work has taken him from Zimbabwe to Thailand to Sumatra. His work touches on topics such as the impacts of deforestation on wildlife and ecosystems, conflict between humans and wildlife and how technology increasingly is being used to protect wildlife.

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New “Careers in Conservation” Episode: Meet Nkwane Patience, Head Chef at Saseka Tented Camp

Careers in Conservation: Nkwane Patience - Head Chef at Saseka Tented Camp

In this episode, Mbhoni travels to Thornybush’s Saseka Tented Camp where he meets Patience, Head Chef at the camp, who shows him the ropes around the kitchen. Along the way, Mbhoni learns about Patience’s history and what brought her into this field. At the end, Mbhoni is faced with the challenge of putting together his own meal, and seeing how it compares to 5-star lodge standards of Patience!

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