GCC’s videographer and photographer talks about how his love for wildlife and conservation has grown – from his childhood accompanying his mother, a natural healer, into the bush looking for specific plants and trees, to an opportunity with Wild Shots Outreach to learn the art of wildlife photography, and now filming with GCC.

How did you get involved with GCC?

I got involved with GCC through Mike Kendrick from Wild Shots Outreach. Last year, we met and we had a chat about GCC who were doing a movie and needed assistance. That’s how I got involved with GCC, and later, last year, there was a job post for a videographer and photographer so I applied and I made it through.

How long have you been doing videography and photography?

I have been doing videography for two years now and photography for four and a half years. I learned photography through Wild Shots Outreach, which is an organization that goes to schools and teaches wildlife photography and conservation.

Have you always had an interest in wildlife, or is it something that you developed later while working with Wild Shots?

I have always been interested in wildlife as my mother is a traditional healer, so she would take me out to the bush to go and get some medicine and medicinal herbs. She taught me about plants and trees. She would take me out and show me all the different plants and trees she uses for medicine. I had a connection to wildlife, but it wasn’t that strong until I met Mike from Wild Shots Outreach who taught me about photography and conservation. From there, I developed a strong connection to conservation and wildlife.

Do you have a favorite animal to photograph?

Wild dogs are my favorite animal because I like their behavior. They are social animals and I like how they hunt their prey until they get tired. They have an 8/10 success rate when hunting, which is high when you compare them to other carnivores.

What are you working on right now?

For now, we are working on a project which is telling stories about local conservation heroes. The filming will be done mostly in the native languages. It is the first of its kind and I am really happy and excited that I am one of the people who are driving this project.

If there was a young person interested in following in your footsteps, what advice would you give them to encourage them?

I would say that they should connect themselves to GCC and/or Wild Shots Outreach, which are the organizations that I know which are capable of assisting young people to get into photography, videography and conservation. And they should work hard and grab every opportunity they have with both hands, use every opportunity that comes their way, and do their own research on photography, videography, and conservation.

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