Garmont International’s CEO Pierangelo Bressan shares how he started working with GCC, what appealed to him about the organization, and why he believes it is so important for the private sector to help support conservation.

How did you get involved with GCC?

I met Michele Sofisti (GCC Board Member) who told me about his experience in South Africa with GCC. He immediately convinced me to take part in the project and it all began there.

What inspired you about the organization and its work?

We wanted to bring people back to nature because this is the key to creating a sustainable future. Bringing people back to nature means learning from nature, respecting it, and defending it where necessary. This is what inspired us about GCC and why we decided to support the project.

Garmont’s Pierangelo Bressan Talks About His Partnership with GCC

Can you tell us about the boots you sent to the field rangers? 

We supplied boots to the rangers to provide them with comfort and protection during their long periods of standing and walking. The boots are called the T8 bifida and they are multi-terrain tactical boots suitable for heavy loads and demanding field conditions across varied terrain from mud-soaked trails to arid desert sands, steep slopes, and sheer rock faces. Thei rangers’ work is so important that providing them with the tools they need to do it better seemed like the right thing to do.

How did the rangers like them?

We delivered them in person last November 2019. It was an amazing experience and the welcome was wonderful. The rangers wore them as soon as they received them and they immediately became part of their everyday life.

What would you say makes Garmont special?

Garmont is a team of passionate people. People who like to stay outdoors, who love to experience nature. We don’t just develop quality footwear, we want to drive the passion of every outdoor lover to push the barriers of ordinary life. As a company, we are grateful to the countries less fortunate than ourselves, who are working hard to contribute to sustainability for all of us.

How does a partnership like this contribute to your business?

We don’t do it for business, we do it because we believe it is the right thing to do. We want to help young generations to discover nature and train the ranger of tomorrow. Companies must realize that there is more than just business – we must reverse the trend and help develop human potential. We want to fight for the future so that there is still a future to do business in.

What would you say to another company thinking about joining GCC as a partner?

There is a lot of work to be done, we have the duty to do something. GCC gives us the opportunity to make our contribution to the preservation of a place that, although so far from us, is closely connected to us. To defend the biodiversity of this planet is the only way to save it.

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