A Shared Vision for Change:
The generous donors and sponsors who make GCC’s work possible

The Global Conservation Corps is completely funded by the generosity of our donors, partners and sponsors worldwide. Through their support, we are able to pursue our core mission of bridging the gap between communities and wildlife. We believe that the future of wildlife and our planet’s biodiversity lies with our next generation of leaders. In order to have a world with wildlife, we must facilitate a mutually beneficial relationship between that wildlife and the people who live alongside it.

We are immensely grateful for the individuals and organizations who share our vision, and who donate their time, resources and funds to help us make this vision into a reality.

Morgridge Family Foundation: GCC Conservation Partner
GCC Partner: Africa Geographic
1% For The Planet: GCC Conservation Partner
The Global Conservation Corps is proud to partner with Africa Foundation
Wildlife Protection Solutions: GCC Conservation Partner
South African Wildlife College
Hoedspruit Reptile Center
GCC Conservation Partner: Global Alliance of National Parks
Coq en Pate: Global Conservation Corps Partner
Snake Education and Community Awareness Program

Featured Partner:
The Morgridge Family Foundation

GCC is celebrating one year since the Morgridge Family Foundation (MFF) committed to investing in GCC’s transformational growth. This generous act has completely altered GCC’s trajectory, enabling it to take its programs to the next level.

Corporate Partnership Opportunities

GCC is dedicated to conserving the natural world through education, skills development, and opportunity creation for people living alongside conservation areas worldwide. There are multiple opportunities for corporate partnership and collaboration.

Support Field Rangers

Since 2015, GCC has partnered with the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve in South Africa, which borders the world famous Kruger National Park. Their team are some of the most dedicated, committed and professional rangers in the world. Through the support of our donors and sponsors, GCC contributes vital equipment, food and resources to these rangers who risk life and limb everyday.

Empower Future Rangers

We believe that education and opportunity creation is the key to reducing poaching and developing the next generation of leaders who will care about the planet and its wildlife. Through the support of our donors and sponsors, GCC is educating thousands of children in South Africa, through our unique curriculum and app, to love and protect our planet. We also provide conservation driven employment opportunities upon graduation through the Future Rangers Scholarship program.

Strengthen Conservation Efforts

Through the support of our donors and sponsors, GCC supports efforts to protect our planet’s biodiversity, develop conservation driven communities and economies, support those who are defending wildlife today, and train the next generation of wildlife protectors. Get involved by sponsoring specific programs, meeting equipment needs, supporting general operations, and more.

News of our conservation efforts around the world, from supporting our brave Wildlife Rangers who risk their lives everyday to our Future Rangers Facilitators who are teaching our next generation of wildlife protectors.

The “Corps” is a dedicated, passionate and involved group of monthly donors who care about conserving wildlife through the education and support of communities surrounding wildlife areas globally. Join today!

Is your company passionate about conservation, protecting wildlife, and restoring our planet’s biodiversity? Contact us today to learn about the multiple ways you can partner with GCC to affect change on a global scale.

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100% of your donation goes directly to conserving Africa’s iconic wildlife. Our operations are lean and covered completely by private donors. Give monthly, and you’ll become a part of “The Corps”, a passionate community invested in conserving our world through education.