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Coming from a background defined by family business, outdoor recreation, and habitat conservation, Josh has developed a structured perspective on how to best protect the land and wildlife that is so important to us all. His love of wild places has been fueled by high stakes adventures in the Montana backcountry, rock climbing expeditions across the world, and years worth of peaceful moments sitting still in the hardwoods of his Georgia farm.

Josh studied Business Management at UGA’s Terry College of Business, where he learned the fundamentals of entrepreneurship along with ecology and sustainable business practices. Since graduating, he has been heavily involved in running the family fire protection business, Fire Systems, Inc. He and his father are responsible for placing thousands of acres of private land into perpetual conservation easements that forever protect the land from development and subdivision. They have fought hard to bring back healthy populations of native species like the Bobwhite Quail and Longleaf Pine Tree to Georgia.

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