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Lee Godown joined the Global Public Policy staff of General Motors in December of 2010 and is currently based in their Washington, DC office. From 2016-2017 he acted as a senior advisor to Opel GmbH in Rüsselsheim, Germany, where he helped facilitate the successful $2.3 billion sale of GM’s Opel subsidiary brand to the French PSA Group. He began his career at GM monitoring and impacting U.S. Federal Government legislative, regulatory and other executive branch policies relative to GM’s interests. Godown was promoted in June of 2012 to his current position, where he oversees government relations activities in GM’s three international global regions – again focusing on the impact that legislation and regulation have upon GM’s global footprint and business plan. In 2012, Godown was appointed Vice President, Government Relations, General Motors Europe, and assisted in the restructuring of GM’s Opel Vauxhall brand. Godown is a Board Member of the German American Business Council, and numerous other international business, professional and philanthropic organizations.

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