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“Voices of Nature” is a podcast by Global Conservation Corps dedicated to sharing the voices of innovative, passionate leaders committed to saving and protecting the world’s most threatened natural resources.

By creating this podcast, Global Conversation Corps not only wants to showcase the amazing work of people who have dedicated their lives to living and working in some of the most challenging places in the world but also to explore solutions that all of us can be part of in an effort to protect wildlife and the ecosystems that all of us depend on for healthy, prosperous lives.

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All Episodes:

1. Matt Lindenberg

Founder and Executive Director
The Global Conservation Corps

Voices of Nature Podcast Ep. 2: Anton Mzimba and the life of a ranger

2. Anton Mzimba

Head of Field Ranger Services
Timbavati Private Nature Reserve

Allison Devlin is a postdoctoral research associate with Panthera and its jaguar program

3. Allison Devlin

Postdoctoral Research Associate

4. Cara Khan

Entrepreneurial Humanitarian
Disability Advocate | Aspiring Author

5. Michele Sofisti

Career Luxury Brand Executive
Photographer | Sofos Management

6. Kate Vannelli

Career Conservationist
Photographer | GCC FR Program Director

Voices of Nature Podcast Episode 7: Jean Claude Biver and His Love for Nature

7. Jean Claude Biver

Former CEO TAG Heuer
Watchmaker | Cheesemaker

Aristide Kamla Takoukam, a National Geographic Society Explorer and founder of the African Mammal Conservation Organization (AACF)

8. Aristide Takoukam

National Geographic Explorer | Founder: African
Marine Mammal Conservation Organization (AMMCO)

Voices of Nature Podcast: Ellen Miles Explains Why Nature is a Human Right

9. Ellen Miles

Nature is a Human Right

Ankita Anand - A Journalist’s Perspective on Nature

10. Ankita Anand

Award-Winning Journalist,
Writer, and Poet

“Voices of Nature” Podcast: John Jurko on Filmmaking and Conservation

11. John Jurko

Creative Director and Filmmaker
The Global Conservation Corps

Voices of Nature Podcast: Telmo Pievani and the Urgency of Protecting Biodiversity

12. Dr. Telmo Pievani

Full Professor, Department of Biology
University of Padua

Voices of Nature Podcast: Dr. Abishek Harihar Takes Us Into the World of Tigers

13. Dr. Abishek Harihar

Assistant Director of
Panthera’s Tiger Program

"Voices of Nature" Podcast Episode 14: Aral Sea Productions: Disrupting the Film Industry

14. Aral Sea Productions

Pauline Blanchet and Thea Sun

"Voices of Nature" Podcast Episode 15: Mbhoni Mzamani: Careers in Conservation

15. Mbhoni Mzamani

The Global Conservation Corps

Voices of Nature Podcast Episode 16: Mathieu Crepel and His Love for Liquid and Frozen Water

16. Mathieu Crepel

Olympian and World Champion
Snowboarder and Surfer

Voices of Nature Podcast Ep 17: Wai-Ming Wong: A Journey into the World of Small Cats

17. Wai-Ming Wong, PhD

Director, Small Cats Program

"Voices of Nature" Podcast 18: Lindsay Gordon: Eliminating Plastic From Our Oceans

18. Lindsay Gordon

Marine Conservationist
Head of Global Campaigns – Parley for the Oceans

"Voices of Nature" Podcast 19: Steve McCormick and Assigning Value to Nature

19. Steve McCormick

Venture Partner at Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation, Co-Founder of Earth Genome, Former President of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Former President and CEO of The Nature Conservancy

Andrea Heydlauff: Voices of Nature Podcast Guest

20. Andrea Heydlauff

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer
for African Parks Network

"Voices of Nature" Podcast 21: Greta Matos and how nature helps us become better humans

21. Greta Matos

Co-Founder and Director of Vision
and Impact at CuraKuda

Anton Mzimba: Voices of Nature Podcast

22. RHINO MAN Cast and Crew

Meet the filmmakers and lead characters in the Global Conservation Corps documentary film, RHINO MAN

Lindsey Boyle: Voices of Nature Podcast Guest

23. Lindsey Boyle

Co-Founder and Board President
Sandown Centre for Regenerative Agriculture

Stephanie Benedetto Transforms the Fashion Industry to Save Nature

24. Stephanie Benedetto

Queen of Raw

West Taylor and the Beauty of Letting Go of All Wordly Things

25. West Taylor

Horse Whisperer

26. Brett Horley

Founding Partner
BHS Safaris

27. Marianna Burelli

Actress and Entrepreneur
Co-Founder: AMAI

James Wareing from the Tenkile Conservation Alliance (TCA) on saving tree kangaroos.

28. James Wareing

Finance Manager
Tenkile Conservation Alliance (TCA)

Anastasia Khoo, the Chief of Staff and Chief Marketing Officer for Conservation International

29. Anastasia Khoo

Chief of Staff and Chief Marketing Officer
Conservation International

Richard Vigne on the Business of Saving Nature

30. Richard Vigne

Executive Director of the School of Wildlife Conservation
The African Leadership College (ALC)

M Sanjayan and the Future of Nature

31. M. Sanjayan

Conservation International

Constantino Roselli

32. Costantino Roselli

Metaverse Thought Leader

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