James Wareing on Saving Tree Kangaroos

In this episode we speak with James Wareing, the finance manager of Tenkile Conservation Alliance – often referred to as TCA.

Tenkile Conservation Alliance operates in the Torricelli Mountains in the north-west of Papua New Guinea. TCA was founded to protect several species of critically endangered tree kangaroos, the Tenkile, Weimang, and Grizzled.

When TCA started, numbers of both the Tenkile and Weimand species were as low as 100. Now, thanks to a hunting moratorium, community engagement, and awareness programs, both species are around 300-400 strong. While the Grizzled remains threatened, it is not in as great of danger as the other two species. Further, TCA’s work has expanded to bringing the benefits of conservation to the local communities – another topic we touch on in the conversation with James.

Guest Profile:

James Wareing from the Tenkile Conservation Alliance (TCA) on saving tree kangaroos.

Photo #1: Tenkile Tree Kangaroo. Credit – Jean Thomas
Photo: #2: Weimang Tree Kangaroo. Credit – Jean Thomas
Photo #3: Common Green Birdwing (Ornithoptera priamus). Credit – James Wareing
Photo #4: Papua New Guinea. Credit – James Wareing

Episode 28: James Wareing

James Wareing is a 27 year-old conservationist working for the Tenkile Conservation Alliance (TCA) in the mountain rainforest of Papua New Guinea. TCA works with 43 villages in the Torricelli Mountain Range of Papua New Guinea to protect three species of tree kangaroos, while bringing the benefits of conservation to the local communities.

James’ role is officially Finance Manager, however, the day-to-day is far more varied than the title suggests. This can involve anything from accounting to biodiversity monitoring to project management.

On the weekends James can be found somewhere with a camera, trying to photograph something small and in an uncompromising position! His route to conservation was not a conventional one, having qualified as a solicitor in London last year. Giving up the office for the jungle was an easy choice though, giving him the opportunity to use his skills to the benefit of something he cares deeply about.

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