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Rhino’s Poached a Day
Rhino’s Poached in South Africa (2016)
Expected Extinction Year

Time is running out for our wildlife.

The Global Conservation Corps (GCC) is committed to elongating the expected lifespan of these animals.

Future Rangers

GCC has partnered with Timbavati Bush School to get rural children in touch with their national heritage.

Support the Youth

For many kids, being a ranger is something that never crosses their mind. This is where we need your help. For only $10, you can send 1 child to bush school for a week to learn more about the importance of wildlife in not only their community but ours as well.


Rhino Orphanage

In the brutal war of Rhino Poaching, many orphaned Rhino Calves are left in the wake of their mothers being poached.

Save the Wildlife

It is through the brave and dedicated efforts of the Rhino Orphanage that these abandoned animals are cared for after these attacks. It is the ultimate goal of the Orphanage to eventually return these animals back into the wild – where they belong.