Global Conservation Corps – Conserving wildlife through empowering people.
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It’s about people and wildlife

see With rhinos and other iconic species being poached at an alarming rate, it is in our hands to turn the tide on this war. The Global Conservation Corps (GCC) has committed itself to investing in both people and wildlife to tackle the poaching crisis. We empower the rangers, conservationists and communities of South Africa who live with the wildlife we love so much.

The Facts

Black Rhino Remaining
White Rhino Remaining
Rhino Poached a Day
Expected Extinction Year

RHINO MAN the Movie RHINO MAN the Movie is a GCC initiative that is aimed at highlighting the brave men and women that stand between poachers and Rhino’s. After the Rhino are gone it becomes a question of what next. It’s quite hard to imagine a South Africa without the wildlife, and it is our duty to protect the future of the wild and the people.