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Our Mission Statement:

GCC is a non-profit with the mission to bridge the gap between communities and wildlife. In order to have a world with wildlife, we must facilitate a mutually beneficial relationship between that wildlife and the people who live alongside it. Every child deserves the chance to fall in love with wildlife, but many young people are excluded from the benefits of the natural world. We address this challenge by working with youth in areas of conservation importance to promote conservation education and jobs within the wildlife economy.

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Sophie Furley

Team Bios and GCC Facts

Executive Bios:

Founder Matt Lindenberg – DOWNLOAD (PDF)
Program Director Kate Vannelli – DOWNLOAD (PDF)


Founder Matt Lindenberg – DOWNLOAD (JPG)
Program Director Kate Vannelli – DOWNLOAD (JPG)

About GCC:

GCC 2018 Annual Report – DOWNLOAD (PDF)
GCC 2019 Annual Report – DOWNLOAD (PDF)

GCC Staff Interviews:

Matt Lindenberg – Founder
Kate Vannelli – Program Director
Michele Sofisti – Advisor to the Board

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GCC Logos and Branding Guide: DOWNLOAD ZIP FILE

GCC Videos:
GCC Mission: https://youtu.be/BM9go64Gu-o
GCC COVID Field Ranger Food Appeal: https://youtu.be/j5PyL9VifQU
GCC Bullet Proof Vest Delivery: https://youtu.be/9iYnMGzWTvo
Women in Conservation: https://youtu.be/I0YDCl1Pj5o

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100% of your donation goes directly to conserving Africa’s iconic wildlife. Our operations are lean and covered completely by private donors. Give monthly, and you’ll become a part of “The Corps”, a passionate community invested in conserving our world through education.