Supporting Field Rangers:

GCC is Committed to Empowering Wildlife Protectors

Supporting Field Rangers


As demand for illegal wildlife products increase, the importance of wildlife guardians is increasingly important. Today, field rangers are the last line of defense for wildlife. They are the brave individuals and teams who stand between survival and extinction for endangered animals. Without these rangers, we would have no wildlife left, no parks to visit, and no bright future for many communities relying on the tourism industry. Unfortunately, rangers occupy very dangerous positions and are often targets of international crime syndicates and gangs. We need to do all we can to support these front-line soldiers who give so much to the world.

“Over 1000 rangers have been killed in the last 10 years.”

– Thin Green Line Foundation

Supporting Wildlife Protectors

What We Do

Since 2015, GCC has partnered with the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve in South Africa. This reserve borders the world famous Kruger National Park, and is home to many endangered species, which need intensive protection. We chose to partner with this reserve specifically, as their team are some of the most dedicated, committed and professional rangers in the world. With regards to rhino poaching, they have one of the best safety records in the region, which deserves recognition and continued support. Since our partnership started, we have contributed vital equipment to these rangers who risk life and limb everyday.

The Global Need

What We Do

To date, GCC and it’s partners have donated:

50 Tissot T-Touch Tactical Watches
50 Swiza Tactical Knives
50 Garmont Tactical Boots
50 Rifle Cleaning Kits
50 Bulletproof Vests
50 Mazama Hydration Backpacks
50 Camo Scarves and Hats
40 Ranger Families provided with 40 days of Food (2016)
50 Ranger Families provided with 6 months of Food (2020)

This incredible support has come from progressive, invested and passionate individuals and international brands who believe in the continued existence of wildlife. Without their support, the ranger team of Timbavati would be less equipped to deal with mounting pressure from poaching syndicates and poachers.

Pictured right: Founding and Sustaining Donor Alexa Renehan, Timbavati Private Nature Reserve Warden Edwin Pierce, GCC Technical Advisor Anton Mzimba and GCC Founder Matt Lindenberg.

We give immense thanks to the following companies and families:

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