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The Survivors


opzioni digitali fineco forum GCC has partnered with the Zululand Rhino Orphanage (ZRO), who are the custodians of 6 orphaned animals; including 3 white rhino, 2 black rhino and a single hippo. The majority of these orphans have lost their mothers due to poaching, and require intensive care and attention on the long road to recovery. The goal of ZRO is to rehabilitate and return all of these individuals back into the wild, with the hopes of reproducing and strengthening the genetic resilience of their species. This reserve is a run by a few dedicated, committed individuals that have rallied to these animals aid. It is our goal to raise funds and awareness for this incredible conservation effort.

Meet the orphans.

binäre optionen zeiten Learn more about each of these unique survivors!


(the “naughty one”) female black rhino

Get to Know Nandi!

como aprender a conocer a una mujer Nandi was orphaned as a tiny two-month-old calf after her mother was poached.  Nandi is a real character, and anyone spending time with her can testify to her naughty but playful nature. Nandi is housed in a large enclosure and has made incredible progress! We are hoping to release her back into the bush in 2018 ,where she will live a free and wild life alongside her pal Storm.


male black rhino

Get to Know Storm!

http://lokoli.com/?rtyt=site-re-rencontre-avis&41d=ce At just two and half months old, Storm was found badly injured and alone in the middle of a harsh storm. From the start, we knew Storm was different; he is surprisingly calm and easy to work with. Storm has required intensive care, but continues to improve with the help of her best friend Nandi. Storm is currently being rehabilitated for release back into the wild with Nandi.


male white rhino

Get to Know Ntoto!

siegen partnervermittlung The newest addition to the Zululand Rhino Orphange is Ntoto, who arrived in May 2017 after spending six days on his own before being rescued. Suffering severe trauma from seeing his mother poached, it took him time to become comfortable with his carers. Now, the resilient and curious boy can drink 20L of milk a day and enjoys long naps in the sun, playing with his pink ball, and chowing on fresh grass.


male hippo

Get to Know Charlie!

go site Little Charlie the Hippo was abandoned by his pod at just two days old. From the beginning, Charlie’s “larger than life” personality has responded well to care rapidly, regaining strength and appetite.  Charlie spends most of his time in his water hole and loves being sprayed with the hosepipe! After two weeks, Charlie was joined by little rhinos Isomiso and Makhosi, and they have been close companions since. The trio love nothing more than their daily walks together.


male white rhino

Get to Know Isomiso!

follow Isomiso was admitted in critical condition as a tiny three-month-old calf after being found collapsed, nearly blind, severely dehydrated and infested with ticks. Following six days of intensive nursing, little Isomiso rapidly started to recover his sight, weight, and condition. Little Isomiso remains a demanding and sometimes grumpy rhino, but shows promise with his determination and strong will.  He loves to “speak” his mind and practice evasive maneuvers with his handlers!


female white rhino

Get to Know Makhosi!

get link Makhosi was a tiny two-day old calf when she was rescued. On arrival, Makhosi was anxious and unsettled. In a final effort to calm her down, we removed the barrier between her and Charlie the Hippo. Makhosi walked directly to Charlie, touched noses, and finally laid down. The two have been inseparable ever since! Today, she and her friend Isomiso happily graze in their new enclosure. They spend a lot of time mud bathing next to Charlie’s waterhole and chasing each other around.

They need your help

go If you choose to donate, 100% of your funds will go towards providing love, protection, and constant nourishment to these animals. Our board covers all administration and transfer fees, so you can be sure the animals are receiving your full donation.