GCC believes that first-hand wildlife experiences are crucial factors that drive passion for wildlife and support for conservation efforts. This is the belief that grounds GCC’s Future Rangers Program. It is important for the non-profit to showcase all of Africa’s natural splendor to donors and supporters of the cause.

In late October of 2019, the CEO of Garmont, Piero Bressan along with his wife and a select group of friends visited GCC in South Africa. The group of eleven was guided by GCC Executive Director, Matt Lindenberg who hosted individuals including the CEO of Fantic Motorbikes, GCC Board Advisor, Michele Sofisti, social media influencer, Andrea Pirillo, and famous TV personality, Jimmy Ghione.

During the six-day trip, the group visited Nghlengelo Primary school where the Future Rangers Program operates. The visitors got to meet the shining stars of the program.

The group was also able to visit the world-famous Southern African Wildlife College, where they met the K9 Unit, saw the ranger training base, and flew with the senior conservation pilot, Bruce MacDonald.

The cherry on the cake was the group’s encounter with the rangers of the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve where they were able to spend time with Timbavati’s entire ranger division – the same team Garmont had donated military-grade boots to months before. Head of Security, Anton Mzimba welcomed the team warmly, and they got to spend some special time in the bush where they encountered some of the “Big 5” animals.

Great friendships and important memories were made during the trip. GCC looks forward to the next visit from its Italian friends.

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