Kate Vannelli, GCC’s program director, attended the 2018 Wildlife Conservation Expo and was able to touch base with different conservation organizations that share GCC’s passion and love for wildlife.

San Francisco – October 13, 2018: GCC’s program director, Kate Vannelli, attended the Wildlife Conservation Expo. The event, which celebrated the achievements in species conservation, was a great opportunity for GCC to create a network of old and new conservation friends.

During the expo, Vannelli was able to touch base with industry leaders to discuss and exchange ideas regarding solving common conservation education barriers. The event was an opportunity for GCC to hear first-hand accounts of the struggles and triumphs of seasoned conservation organizations. Overall, the Wildlife Conservation Expo was a positive reminder that GCC is part of a community that shares the same passion and zeal for wildlife.

The Wildlife Conservation Expo is a bi-annual event that aims to provide opportunities for budding conservationists as well as wildlife enthusiasts to meet their conservation heroes. In 2018, the main goal of the event was to highlight and showcase staff members who work directly with wildlife. Each conservation partner brought a star staff member with them in order to share their stories and inspire everyone in attendance into action.

Over 1,200 people across the United States participated in the event. GCC is honored to be one of the organizations in attendance.

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