GCC’s Kate Vannelli, Future Rangers Program Director and Matt Lindenberg, Executive Director, attend the World Rangers Congress.

Part of GCC’s goal is to provide support to wildlife rangers who risk their lives to champion conservation efforts. In order to make an impact on the well-being of these rangers, GCC is aware of the importance of learning about their issues and creating platforms for rangers to be heard.

Last November 12, 2019, the World Rangers Congress, held at Chitwan National Park, was the perfect place to touch base with groups representing rangers from across the globe. Matt Lindenberg, Executive Director and Kate Vannelli, Future Rangers Program Director, was in attendance for GCC.

According to Vannelli, the congress was a great opportunity for GCC to learn about wildlife issues on a global scale. The event focused on identifying problems and developing solutions that can equip and protect rangers while they are in the field.

Vannelli and Lindenberg were also able to present GCC’s Future Rangers program. It was during this conference that it was revealed that the lack of education and connection with wildlife in the communities where the rangers are from extends beyond GCC’s main focus area – the Kruger National Park. Wildlife education, or the scarcity and lack of access thereof, is a worldwide problem.

GCC was able to make vital connections that will enable the non-profit to achieve its mission and vision. The relationship with organizations like Thin Green Line Foundation will give GCC the ability to engage communities and support rangers in areas that the non-profit would not have been privy to without the conference.

“We met some really great people and great groups that we will definitely be in touch with throughout the years. We are starting to build our global base,” said Vannelli.

The World Rangers Congress brought awareness of global issues to GCC. It enabled the non-profit to make connections and reach more people. It was an honor to be part of such a global event.

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