Bridging the Gap Between
Communities and Conservation.

A ranger is synonymous with a steward or caretaker of our Earth. In the Greater Kruger National Park area, unemployment for ages 18-24 is over 50%. Opportunities are the difference between today’s youth becoming tomorrow’s poachers, or tomorrow’s rangers. We believe that education and opportunity creation is the key to reducing poaching and developing the next generation of leaders who will care about the planet and its wildlife.




Future Rangers Program

GCC’s Future Rangers Program engages students weekly from age five, aiming to build their appreciation of nature from a core level. Through fostering awareness and exposure, the program gives students the opportunity to excel through incentive focused learning.

Not only do these students learn about conservation, but they have the chance to earn trips to visit reserves, often seeing wildlife for the first time. This intimate connection to nature makes all of the difference as these children become adults and make decisions that influence their communities and the world.

As students progress in the program, the outstanding students showing the most passion for wildlife and nature move into a skills and leadership training, creating the best candidates for jobs and scholarships upon graduation.

Where We Are Now

Kruger National ParK

This program is highly scalable through partnerships, and has
potential to grow to the areas where conservation training and
employment is most needed.

Funding Levels

100% of your donations goes directly toward putting students through the Future Rangers Program.

Small Class of 25

Large Class of 50

Grade of 100

School of 500