Thanks to a generous donation from one of its partners, GCC is now rolling out its app in schools in the Greater Kruger National Park area.

Last week, Matt Lindenberg, Global Conservation Corps’s (GCC) Founder, and Kate Vannelli, Program Director, hand-delivered four new android phones to our Future Ranger facilitators. The phones were donated by one of GCC’s advisors, Lee Godown.

“Thanks to a generous donation from Godown, we purchased and delivered four new android phones to the GCC facilitators today. This will allow them to effectively use the GCC Future Rangers app, along with capturing some great content in their classes,” said Lindenberg.

At its core, GCC is a non-profit organization that aims to protect wildlife through community empowerment. One of the programs, Future Rangers, provides training and access to employment opportunities to children living in the Greater Kruger National Park area. Future Rangers’ facilitators teach children, from the age of five and up, the value of conservation and how they can play a big part in saving wildlife.

An innovation developed specifically for this program is the Future Rangers app, which is designed to track lessons and progress both inside and outside the classroom.

Donations, big or small, allow GCC volunteers and facilitators to reach more children and bridge the gap between wildlife and communities. They are always welcome and much appreciated.

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