This Earth Day, We Can All Make a Difference

How GCC is Celebrating Earth Day 2023

Today is Earth Day, and this year we continue to focus on “Investing on our Planet” towards solving our world’s biggest problem – climate change. The effect of the climate crisis is certainly alarming, however, we can reverse the damage if we act collectively now.

At GCC, we believe that we are all stewards of the planet. While we must engage governments, businesses, and institutions to see monumental change, everybody plays a role in taking care of the only home that we have. It truly doesn’t take much to make a difference. Taking care of our world entails small, actionable steps – together. One by one these steps might seem small, but when we step back and look at our efforts as a collective, the results are inspiring.

Here are a few ways the GCC team intends to invest on our planet this year:

Some of my ways to honor Nature on Earth Day is to always travel with a reusable mug and water bottle. It’s small but certainly adds up. I also only water my grass in the late evenings or early mornings to be more efficient, along with only planting native, water independent tree species. I have switched my home to be solar which is also another commitment I have to moving away from fossil fuels, and ensure if we aren’t using lights, we turn them off. With all my flying, I am looking at offsetting my carbon emissions by donating funds to have carbon sequestering trees planted to offset the impact.

– Matt Lindenberg, GCC Founder and Executive Director

I will be picking up trash while walking. I’ll start using reusable products and encourage family members and my students to do so. School yard clean up with our students from one of our FR schools. The earth is the only planet that sustains life, so it’s important to save the earth.

– Lefa Malapane, Facilitator

I will continue honoring nature by using the Voices of Nature podcast as a platform to share the powerful stories of people on the frontlines of nature so that all of us are inspired to protect nature today, tomorrow, and far into the future.

– Bob Ludke, Advisor to the Board

We really focus on recycling in our home – even when the city doesn’t provide the service, we collect our own items and take them to the recycling center. We also use reusable bottles for water and try to reuse as much as possible. We plant bushes and flowers that attract bees and butterflies and also try to feed the birds, rabbits, and other wildlife that live around our home. We donate to multiple conservation organizations and try to exercise good habits wherever possible in our daily lives (e.g., minimize water use, electricity, etc.). We also try to learn about efforts conservation organizations are making to develop unique solutions to help humans and wildlife/nature coexist so that we can spread the word and also find ways to implement them in our lives. I believe if everyone could do the small things and look to reduce consumption in their daily lives, the impact would really add up!

– Rebekah Wortman, Digital Manager

I will be cycling to short distances around town for groceries and other errands this week. Also a 2hrs hike every month onwards with a hiking newbie will help more people appreciate, value and protect nature.

– Mbhoni Mzamani, Community Liaison Officer

I have learned so much about bees the last 3 years through friends who keep 3 hives. Their social structure and work dynamic is absolutely fascinating and I’ve wanted to do something to support the bee population in Colorado. We are adding to our pollinator garden to help attract the bees and give them a nice spot to rest when they need to. We’re so excited to see the bees this summer!

– Mindy Robinson, Director of Development

Our household’s focus is reducing our overall consumption. Consuming mindfully ensures that we produce less waste. We also are trying to shop local and seasonal – which truly isn’t that difficult especially since it’s watermelon and mango season in the PH!

– Bea Asuncion, Marketing Associate

Promoting bee keeping!
– Michele Sofisti, Member of the Board of Directors

Committed to not mow the lawn and let nature take over my yard 🙂
– Justin Walker, COO and Board Treasurer

How GCC is Celebrating Earth Day 2023

It cannot be stressed enough – solving the climate crisis is a team effort. Small changes may lead to big progress! So, tell us – how do you plan to “Invest on Our Planet” this year?

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