Giving Nature More Time

With time running out to save the world’s remaining rhino population, Tissot partnered with GCC to ensure that these prehistoric animals will endure well into the future.

The Challenge

With 2-3 rhinos being poached a day in South Africa, rangers are under immense pressure to ensure the continued survival of the species. Rangers require high functioning technology and field equipment to combat the incessant wave of illegal poaching and wildlife trafficking. The rangers of the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve are on the front lines of protecting endangered wildlife, and had a high need for a tactical upgrade in their arsenal of tools. GCC embarked on a journey to find the right partner with shared values to address this urgent need.

Impact to Date

Hours on Active Patrol (12,960,000 minutes)
Hectares of Land Protected
Species Protected

“A huge thank you for what the rangers do, and we hope that these watches make their jobs much easier for them.”

Miguel Mendonca
Tissot South Africa Brand Manager

Protecting Biodiversity

Tissot partnered with GCC and the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve to buy time for rhinos and other endangered wildlife. Every single ranger was equipped with a Tissot T-touch watch which has a multitude of tactical functions. Navigationally, it has a built-in compass which allows rangers to traverse through the field with precision and speed. The watch is completely solar powered, removing the need for recharging, ensuring a constant stream of information and reliability. The meteo function predicts incoming weather and changes in barometric pressure, allowing rangers to plan field patrols accordingly. The combination of Swiss precision and tactical attributes have had immense impact on the protection of the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve and their rangers teams, buying time for both rhinos and rangers.

“The watch has 25 functions in one gadget. In my opinion, this watch was merely created for us as rangers.”

Anton Mzimba
Head of Security, Timbavati Private Nature Reserve

Supporting Field Rangers

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