GCC hosts a talk with students from the Woodward Academy to learn about the importance of rhino conservation.

Atlanta, Georgia, October 24, 2019: The Global Conservation Corps (GCC) was invited by Woodward Academy to host a talk with the school’s fourth- and sixth-grade students about conservation. GCC’s Board President John Lumsden, and GCC’s Film Director, John Jurko II, spoke to over 40 students about the organization’s work and current environmental challenges.

Woodward Academy is a co-educational private school located in the heart of Atlanta’s metropolitan area. The school aims to produce well-rounded individuals equipped with critical thinking as well as empathy for their fellow men. The school boasts several sustainability projects that aim to encourage students to be “good stewards of the earth.”

The intimate presentation centered around the conservation efforts spearheaded by GCC. During the presentation, Lumsden and Jurko spoke about the importance of biodiversity, the current rhino poaching problem in Africa, and what the rangers and the organization are doing to protect the remaining population of rhinos all over the world.

The students also had the opportunity to learn about some of GCC’s exciting projects, including the Future Rangers program and the documentary Rhino Man. Lumsden and Jurko explained how GCC aims to make an impact on rhino conservation by providing opportunities for children living in communities around the national parks to learn more about their surrounding wildlife and the possibility of a career in conservation.

Woodward Academy’s students were also treated to a short preview of GCC’s feature documentary Rhino Man.

The talk lasted for about half an hour and the children remained attentive and engaged the entire time, much to the delight of the speakers.

“The children seemed to love it, they had a ton of questions and rushed up to us at the end of the presentation to learn more. It was great to see how engaged they were and how much they wanted to see wildlife be protected and flourish,” shared Lumsden.

GCC takes every opportunity it can to share its work with students, visiting schools all around the world to educate and inspire future guardians of the world’s wildlife.

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