Greta Matos and How Nature Helps us Become Better Humans

In this episode, ​​we turn our conversation about nature on its head from previous episodes. As always, we will explore what humans can – and must – do for nature. But we also will discuss what nature can do for us as human beings and how a closer relationship with nature makes us better people, better leaders, and better stewards of precious resources for future generations. Our guest Greta Matos lives in the south of Chile and is the Co-Founder and Director of Vision and Impact at CuraKuda.

Guest Profile:

"Voices of Nature" Podcast 21: Greta Matos and how nature helps us become better humans

Photo Credits: Greta Matos, Alejandro Matos, Maria Prieto

Episode 21: Greta Matos

Greta Matos lives in the south of Chile and is the Co-Founder and Director of Vision and Impact at CuraKuda.

CuraKuda is a mission-driven company taking an integrated, circular approach to business through the facilitation of unique, restorative and transformational experiences with horses and wilderness to build connection and cultivate resilience.

In partnership with horses, CuraKuda offers authentic learning journeys that support human development and contribute to the witnessing and healing of collective trauma as we purposefully evolve through this epoch of global unrest, systems collapse and rapid climate change.

Through her independent consulting company QuilaQuina, she also offers strategic thought partnership for companies seeking to cultivate and implement impact-oriented and value-guided relationships throughout their global supply chains in an effort to use business as a force for good.

In Chile she is an active board member of Fundación Llancalil, an ancient forest conservation project whose mission is to create restoration sanctuaries where ecosystems are able to regenerate and thrive, and where the human spirit and imagination is ignited and inspired with possibility.

Greta is a writer, a mother, a horse woman and a wildhearted human being. She is deeply committed to living in close relationship with the ecosystems she calls home while also contributing to the larger vibration of global change that supports humanity’s shift away from the exploitative and extractive species role toward the larger possibility of embodying our potential as a keystone, restorative species.

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