This Year, You Are Our Gift

Global Conservation Corps: 2022 Christmas Video Message

2022 has been a year of growth, change, joy, and sorrow at GCC. Through every step, you’ve stood with us and walked alongside us. So, from every corner of the world, we wanted to come together to thank you. We hope you enjoy this holiday message from our GCC team, and thank you for your never ending gifts of belief and support!


“Voices of Nature” Episode 23: Lindsey Boyle
“Creating the Circular Economy Through Regenerative Agriculture”

Lindsey Boyle: Voices of Nature Podcast Guest

The “Voices of Nature” podcast is back with a brand new episode! In episode 23, we explore the circular economy – a first time subject for the “Voices of Nature” podcast. Bob talks to Lindsey Boyle about her work at the Sandown Centre for Regenerative Agriculture – where Lindsey is the co-founder and Board President – and about how a circular innovation mindset creates new regenerative models.

The Sandown Centre engages with emerging growers, soil health researchers, community members and other regional farmers working towards building a thriving and climate change-resilient future. Lindsey shares with us how responsible farming practices can restore the health of soil and ecosystems so important to growing the crops we need to feed ourselves. Lindsey then explains the connection between regenerative agriculture and the economic model of the future – the circular economy.

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