Announcing the “Voices of Nature” Podcast

We are thrilled to announce our new “Voices of Nature” podcast, hosted by GCC Board Advisor Robert Ludke. “Voices of Nature” is dedicated to sharing the voices of young, passionate leaders committed to saving and protecting the world’s most threatened natural resources.

By creating this podcast, Global Conversation Corps not only wants to showcase the amazing work of people who have dedicated their lives to living and working in some of the most challenging places in the world but also to explore solutions that all of us can be part of in an effort to protect wildlife and the ecosystems that all of us depend on for healthy, prosperous lives.

This is a great channel for us to spread the word about the importance of conservation efforts worldwide and to highlight the part that everyone can play in saving our planet’s wildlife and wild spaces. Please subscribe to the podcast today and share it with friends, family and colleagues!

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Coming soon: We are also launching a new video series (starting next month) highlighting conservation career opportunities for young people worldwide – hosted and produced by our very own Mbhoni Mzamani and Vusi Mathe. You won’t want to miss it! If you haven’t done so, subscribe to the GCC YouTube channel and be the first to know when this new series launches!

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