GCC and Garmont Celebrate Earth Day

To celebrate Earth Day 2021, the Global Conservation Corps and Garmont present this tribute to our amazing and life-giving planet, expressed through the beautiful words of an original poem written by GCC’s own Mbhoni Mzamani:

“Nature, your beauty is incomparable.
The mountains, oceans, rivers, flowers, they purify the eyes and calm the soul.
Your distinctive sounds, the soothing flow of peaceful rivers, the whistling of your refreshing breeze.
Even when the footsteps of legends tremble upon you to conserve and sustain you,
you never cease to grow back.
Today, we celebrate your importance and your richness.
You are the source of life.
We are elated by you!”

By: Mbhoni Mzamani

Africa Foundation Collaboration

Global Conservation Corps is proud to partner with Africa Foundation, the nonprofit arm of &Beyond

Today, GCC celebrates its official collaboration with Africa Foundation, the charitable arm of &Beyond, a global travel company whose vision is to put the guest, the land, the wildlife, and the local people at the forefront of everything it does. Africa Foundation was founded by &Beyond in 1992 and is active in 73 communities around the company’s reserves in South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Botswana, and Namibia.

Learn More About the Collaboration Here 

Read the Africa Foundation Announcement Here

Featured Podcast:
Jean Claude Biver and His Love for Natur‪e‬

Voices of Nature Podcast Episode 7: Jean Claude Biver Shares His Love for Nature

The “Voices of Nature” podcast had the honor to host Jean Claude Biver: Watchmaker, Cheesemaker, Nature Lover and Former CEO of TAG Heuer. Listen as his words give hope for a better future – one where nature is treated as an asset to be loved and nurtured – and why he believes the younger generations will reverse so many of the problems society has imposed on nature. Jean Claude explains why he loves nature and he talks about how all of us will be happier and live healthier, more enjoyable lives if we too can find ways to express love for nature.

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Earth Day Special Podcast:
National Geographic Explorer Aristide Takoukam

Voices of Nature Podcast Episode 8: National Geographic Explorer Aristide Takoukam

To highlight Earth Day 2021 and the importance of conservation efforts globally, GCC and National Geographic present this special episode of the “Voices of Nature” podcast featuring National Geographic Explorer and founder of the African Marine Mammal Conservation Organization (AMMCO) Aristide Kamla Takoukam. Listen as Aristide talks about AMMCO’s work, an organization created to address the severe declines in African manatee, cetacean, turtle and tortoise species that were increasing across the African continent. Together with its advisors and partners, AMMCO was formed in order to focus effective and timely research, conservation, and educational outreach efforts.

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